Confessions of a Kissing Bandit

Many, many, many years ago on a small college campus in New York, a young woman set out to get a Bachelor’s degree in History. With her sights set on law school and armed a healthy obsession with all things historical, including bodice ripper romance novels, this exuberant young woman was eager to become theContinue reading “Confessions of a Kissing Bandit”

You’re Too…

Loud. Flirtatious. Fancy. Assertive. Bossy. Crazy. Angry. Bold. Sensitive. Noisy. Clumsy. Provocative. Flighty. Dreamy. Curious. [Insert adjective of your choice here] Why, oh why, does “You’re too…” invariably precede another word that’s less than flattering? Why does the person saying it to you feel the need to even utter the words in the first place?Continue reading “You’re Too…”

Kiss All the Boys

I have two daughters that I am crazy proud of. They are both whip-smart, funny as hell (the apple does not fall far from the tree, dear readers), easy to be around and above all, kind. I know what you’re thinking, every parent says stuff like this. But I genuinely believe it to be true.Continue reading “Kiss All the Boys”

Keep Your Heels High

I’m a woman who likes heels; I never met a pair of heels I didn’t like. The bolder the better. Red stilettos and polka-dot kitten heels. Peep toe and closed toe. Ankle straps and sling backs. Bring them all to me; I am the Veruca Salt of shoes, people. Don’t know who Veruca Salt is?Continue reading “Keep Your Heels High”