Kiss All the Boys

I have two daughters that I am crazy proud of. They are both whip-smart, funny as hell (the apple does not fall far from the tree, dear readers), easy to be around and above all, kind. I know what you’re thinking, every parent says stuff like this. But I genuinely believe it to be true. That really has no bearing on this post, but I wanted to get it out of the way. Because, you know, I’m a proud mom. I’m also a foul-mouthed, flirtatious, opinionated, know it all, but BALANCE.

In some other post, I will talk about the whole idea of being best friends with your daughters (spoiler alert; I do not believe in this at ALL), but for now, I want to talk about giving my girls some nuggets of wisdom that I have gleaned over the years. Like most moms, I impart a lot of advice and sometimes, when the moon is full and all the stars align and the gods are looking upon me favorably, they actually take my advice. So I tend to dole out the advice quite liberally. Advice to my girls may sometimes be related to fashion, makeup, hair, organization or time management. Typically, when they leave the house, their father imparts advice like “be careful.” I usually say “have fun.”

But today, I would like to share with you the one piece of advice that I have sent them out into the world with. Well, at least the piece of advice that I impart on them most frequently. If they were sitting next to me and I asked them what advice I always give them, they would say:

Kiss all the boys.

(Now, before you go clutching your pearls on me, please note, that my advice would be the same if the girls were so inclined. Then, I would quite happily tell them to kiss all the girls).

Another friendly reminder; this is a pearl-clutch-free zone. This is not advice to get all slutty. Though, in all honesty, in 2020, who the hell cares? As a good Gen X girl, I was very cognizant of my “reputation” growing up. It may not have always been spotless (ahem, we shall not speak overmuch of the party I threw as an incoming sophomore in high school that may have included skinny dipping…a veritable scandal back in 1987). But today, looking back, I think I was really annoyed about being judged for just being myself. While in college, I recall counting up all the boys I had kissed one night while talking with my dear friend Catherine; her list was a LOT shorter than mine and she (gasp) actually knew all their first and last names. I could not claim the same knowledge by a long shot. My list included “guy in a bandana at the end of the bar at OMI” and “dude from my history 101 class at a house party on Maple St.” But, as my dear friend Margaret says to me with no irony. “Treat yoself.” So I usually did.

At the heart of this advice is something very very simple. A very simple recipe for life.

Grab life by the balls.

Live life to the absolute FULLEST.

Live life unapologetically.

Have fun, smile much and talk to people who seem interesting.

Toss your hair, wear the hat, and the heels.

Kiss all the boys.

Resist Invisible.

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