Tell Me You’re a Deluded Whack Job Without Actually Telling Me You’re a Deluded Whack Job

A while back, I wrote a piece about not believing everything you read on the book of faces. I’m happy to report I deleted the Facebook app from my phone about five months ago and have broken my dependence on their addictive algorithms. But this one bears an update based on some pretty INSANE things I have seen and read and been directly exposed to. To say that misinformation in our country is a cancer is no exaggeration.

Fun fact, JFK Jr is NOT still alive. So stop hanging around Dealy Plaza waiting for him to come back and save your souls by running with the idiot former president.

There’s not a school district in America that is setting out litter boxes for kids who identify as furries. I just can’t with your people. If you’re dumb enough to believe this one, you really should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery, including your own car.

There’s NOT an underground cabal of satanists led by Tom Hanks abducting children and drinking their blood. Children are NOT being abducted en masse. While human trafficking is real and happening here; children are being abducted by non-custodial parents 99.999% of the time. If you’re too stupid to know what non-custodial means, Google it and stop wasting my time with your sick Q fantasies. There are NOT a series of tunnels in the western states to facilitate the movement of kidnapped children. Frankly, your fascination with this is more than a little… odd.

Covid was NOT engineered to make sure Americans were locked in their homes so that the Clintons, Obamas and Bill Gates could be tried and executed. Open your eyes and look beyond the United States and see that there’s a whole WORLD that was impacted by Covid. Want to know why Americans suffered more than any other country on the globe? That’s easy…. because the leader if this country at the time was too stupid, too ignorant, too much of an utter fucking WASTE OF A HUMAN to do what was right. Like be honest with his citizens about how bad it really was.

All of you dressed up in Q/trump swag look like desperate members of a CULT. Get a grip on reality; the rest of us are looking at you like you’re prepping to drink the kool-aid. Also, if you don’t know the origin of that phrase, please for the love of all that is good, GOOGLE it.

There’s inflation in EVERY developed nation on the globe right now. You can try and blame it on the current sitting president, but you just look like another ignorant Trumpanzee. Again, pull your idiot head out of the sand and take a look around. That inflation you’re seeing is nothing more than record-breaking profits for big companies and lots and lots of dividends for stock holders. Take Economics 101 and then come talk to me. But I doubt you will because it’s much more satisfying to blame the dude in the big white house.

The 2020 election was NOT stolen, you potato. It may be hard for nimrods like yourself to understand, but a pretty large contingent of Americans HATE your orange tinged leader. The only actual voter fraud that was proven seems to have usually been undertaken by the GOP. You may not like it that women and black and brown people have a voice and USE it but here we are. To that filter lady in Arizona who cannot shut up about being cheated of the governorship, you lost too, you dumbass. The longer you keep this up, the more you become a punchline.

Fun fact. There’s no microchip in the Covid vaccine. If the government wanted to track your ass, you do a hell of a job helping them by literally carrying around a tracking device daily and telling it what you want and where you’re going.

Ask yourself why people try to sell you this misinformation. Because they want you keep you scared. Scared of things that are different from what you expect. No kid has ever been molested by a drag queen. But you can bet your ass that they have been molested in church by pastors and priests. Drag queens are frankly pretty freaking awesome. You know you love them too. I mean Mrs. Doubtfire! Tootsie! LGBTQ people are not trying to convert your kids. They just want to live their lives and be free to love and marry who they want. It’s not hard to understand. I don’t judge any of you in the choices you made in love. Well, maybe I do, a little.

We live now in a world where crazy ideas are no longer hidden away. They are put on display with pride and paraded around the book of faces where algorithms make it easier for gullible, fearful idiots to find other gullible, fearful idiots. Did any of you believe the stories found in the National Enquirer? No? Maybe apply that same discernment when you see something salacious on Facebook.

So, dear readers, I challenge you to think about the crazy that we are water-boarded with every single day. Consider the SOURCE of this information. And if that source is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or someone’s brother’s girlfriend’s best friend who lives in another city, try and verify it with a reputable source. Like, not one of those.

Keep on resisting!

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