A Year in the Life…

We’ve all said it again and again… 2020 and 2021 have been a HELL of a ride. A colleague of mine refers to it as the “corona-coaster.” I wonder what I will tell my grandkids about this year of my life? Some good things happened, some not so good things happened. I lost a job I thought I was damn good at and spent months searching for something new and am happy to report I did and am currently kicking ASS. I taught myself some new skills when I tackled my RV-reno. My mom, after suffering from kidney disease, was lucky to get a transplant and is doing very well. I lost an old college friend to Covid, but I also reconnected with several old girlfriends from that same time in my life. My oldest graduated from high school and was lucky to be able to go off to college in person and even though it was not exactly the experience anyone expected, she was very successful.

Above all, I had the time and the balls to finally pull the trigger and start writing this blog. I love to write. No doubt about it. I hope that I have made you laugh with my posts, at the very least, I hope you have chuckled every now and then. If not, well, I guess that’s cool too. I recognize that I am not always everyone’s preferred cup of tea, as they say. I’ll take this time to say GTFO. If you do not know what that stands for… Google it.

I enjoy rearranging the furniture every now and then, even to the frustration of those who live with me. You can tell when I am pondering a redesign; the wheels are turning and I am imagining new paint colors, new artwork, new furniture placement. I tear apart entire rooms and cupboards and reorganize them on a regular basis. If I didn’t get the heebie jeebies from some of those houses on “Hoarders,” I would consider a career in home organization. But at the sign of the first cat carcass I would be outta there.

Anyway…to celebrate this milestone, I did a little redesigning of the site. Added some things, changed some things up. Rearranged the furniture, so to speak.

Happy birthday, Resist Invisible. I remember when you were just a gleam in my eye. It’s been an amazing year and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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