About Me

Mom. Sister. Daughter. Geek. Blonde. Flirt. Extrovert. Bookworm. Cruise Director. Party Girl. Duranie. 80’s Music Junkie.

I got here because I need to put this all on (digital) paper. Life sometimes feels like it is spinning out of control and has been for a while. This is not an attempt at gaining sympathy, but a place to gather my thoughts and make some sense of where my life is going. It’s also an opportunity to impart some humor to other women who will not be invisible either. I want to empower every woman to find her voice and be LOUD.

Writing has always been second nature to me and I’ve started this blog in the hopes that I will be more dedicated about the process. God knows I need an outlet.

If you’re ready to read something honest and raw; you’re in the right place. If you’re a clutcher of pearls, you may want to just keep walking. There may be profanity, there may be some drinking, there may be some things that will shock. But above all, there will be FUN.